BGC Hamilton-Halton operates a Lunch and Learn program which offers the opportunity for parents to learn new skills that can be transferred to the workforce and home meal preparation. Within the Lunch and Learn program, parent volunteers assist the cook/facilitator in menu planning, preparation, budgeting, kitchen hygiene and cooking classes. The new skills developed will assist in reducing barriers in their lives within the home and in the workforce. Our Home Management community partners also help assist participants by covering a wide range of other life skill topics by group facilitation and/or one on one support.

In addition there is the Cultural Family Time program Parent Education Lunch and Learn which helps to address the needs of newcomers and isolated families in the areas of parent education, social skills and supports. The Cultural Family Time Parent Education Lunch and Learn provides parents with the opportunity to increase their language skills and receive parent education opportunities on a variety of topics. Participants may also improve their cooking and sewing skills through hands on food preparation and sewing projects. Throughout this program the children are supported through Early Years activities and play.

BGC Hamilton-Halton EarlyON Child and Family Centres-

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